Sony Announces 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

Sony announced it's raising the capacity of its Memory Stick Pro Duo to 8GB. Going on sale in Japan on March 9 for $325, the eight-gig flash memory cards won't work with all Sony VAIO laptops or Cybershot cameras—only with those sold in 2007. The good news is that your PlayStation Portable (PSP) will accept the new… » 3/02/07 8:47am 3/02/07 8:47am

Sony Introduces MSVR-A10 Memory Stick Video Recorder

Sony introduced its MSVR-A10, a digital video recorder that records video from a TV or DVD player via composite or S-video and analog audio inputs, recording the signal directly onto a Memory Stick Pro Duo for playback on the Playstation Portable (PSP). That gives you two to four hours of video on a 2GB Pro Duo memory… » 3/13/06 11:15am 3/13/06 11:15am