Let the Phone Do the Talking: CKT 6689 Girly Phone Shows Menstrual Cycle

Sure, this is a pink phone, but the CKT 6689 also even more girly than that, showing the ladies when they'll get their next monthly visit from that loathsome crimson companion. There's also a courageous BMI indicator that is brave enough to consistently tell that babe in no uncertain terms whether those shorts she's… » 7/05/06 10:38am 7/05/06 10:38am

The I-PPO Menstrual Cycle Tracker

Even those of us at Gizmodo who get periods don't understand what the point of the I-PPO menstrual cycle tracker is. If we're going to be adding another device to the cache of electronics we always lug around with us, and all it really does is tell us when we're going to be ovulating and when we're going to be… » 4/11/06 11:32am 4/11/06 11:32am