Mercedes Vehicles Have Night Vision That Can Recognize Animals Now

Mercedes' vehicles have had night vision capabilities, and automatic object recognition, for years now. And while they can accurately recognize street signs, and other lifeless hazards, its only now that the company's fleet—starting with the 2014 Mercedes S-Class—will be able to recognize living, breathing obstacles »8/30/13 9:18am8/30/13 9:18am

Against Your Better Judgment, Mercedes Is Integrating Google Glass

People have said that Google Glass would be distracting since day one, not just for people looking at the Glassholes but also for the Glassholes themselves who have that tiny screen always blinking in front of their faces. We certainly don't want to put them behind the wheel. Right?! Mercedes Benz begs to differ. »8/16/13 10:10am8/16/13 10:10am

The Adorable Mini-Sports Car Has Gotten a Remarkable Upgrade

As you may or may not remember, a few years ago we posted photos of these incredible, half-scale sports cars that—despite being called "children's cars"—are more badass than any car any adult could ever hope to own. And although the junior cars' visionary, Nathan Redfearn, was getting ready to shut down production,… »6/24/13 5:56pm6/24/13 5:56pm

Mercedes' New Cars Will Autonomously Recognize Street Signs

If the screams from pedestrians and the angry looks from oncoming drivers don't provide enough clues that you've accidentally turned onto a one-way street, maybe it's time you bought a Mercedes. Wait, what? The company's upcoming vehicles will include an updated safety system that's able to autonomously recognize… »1/23/13 9:20am1/23/13 9:20am