Mercedes-Benz Made Uncrashable Toy Cars To Show Off its Safety Tech

No consumer is ever too young to start fostering brand loyalty. So to help promote the anti-collision technology in its vehicles, and to seed the next-generation of owners, Mercedes-Benz created a couple of nifty toy cars that were impossible for kids to crash into each other. »10/13/15 9:32am10/13/15 9:32am


Mercedes Formula Zero Envisions Eco-Friendly Green Racing in 2025

The Formula Zero racecar, pictured above in all its conceptual glory, is the Mercedes-Benz take on racing in the year 2025. Designed by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Center of North America, the car aims to mash together the "the thrill of Formula One, the track dynamics of the bobsled or luge, and the grace and… »10/26/08 5:00pm10/26/08 5:00pm

Mercedes-Benz Integrates iPhone into Its Cars with Special Cradle

German car manufacturer Mercedes is buying the iPhone-is-God credo, and has come up with a designated piece of gear to allow Benz drivers to integrate their iPhones into the car system. The $249 gadget works with the C-, E-, CLK-,

CLS-, S-, CL-, SL-, M- and R-Class cars, as well as the forthcoming GLK-Class. It… »6/20/08 7:45am6/20/08 7:45am

Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHybrid: First Planned HEV With Li-Ion Battery

Sure, we have heard word of lithium ion batteries being possibly implemented in a Prius before, but Mercedes-Benz is going beyond concept speculation with its S400 BlueHybrid, which promises Li-ion HEV action to be hitting the production lines by 2009. At present, that makes the S400 BlueHybrid the first Li-ion HEV… »3/01/08 1:00pm3/01/08 1:00pm