Apple Thumbs Its Nose at Carriers By Launching iMessage Without Warning

So, it looks like Apple may have unleashed its iMesssage app without telling its carrier partners. If true, Apple just thumbed its nose at AT&T, Verizon and others. You see, the iMessage app lets iOS users send messages to each other without using their SMS plan. If you have enough iOS users in your circle of… »6/06/11 9:18pm6/06/11 9:18pm

DIY Scrolling LED Business Cards Miss Point of Business Cards, Still Cool

Click to view »9/03/08 9:45am9/03/08 9:45amOver at is this DIY project that will let you make your own slender electronic business cards with built-in LED display. They're pretty cool, displaying a number of different scrolling data messages at the push of a button, and apparently cost just about $5 per card. The "slender" description means…

Diesel LED Watches Have Hidden Mirror Displays for Sci-Fi Chic

Ah, a digital watch with an LED display that's not impossible to read... fantastic! Even better, the LEDs on these new watches from Diesel are a dot-matrix screen, and are hidden behind a mirror surface that makes the whole package look suitably sci-fi. Like something Luke would've worn on his cybernetic wrist. You… »6/12/08 9:15am6/12/08 9:15am