This beer lets you send video messages in its bottles

Argentinian beer Andes had a great idea: Let people use QR codes printed on their bottles to record video messages so friends or family could get them by pointing their camera phones at it. Then they made this hilarious ad campaign showing one potential use: Send uncomfortable messages about delicate matters. »12/24/14 7:22am12/24/14 7:22am

Some Guy Threw 4,800 Messages in a Bottle Into the Atlantic Ocean and Got 3,100 Responses from All Over the World

Harold Hackett's hobby, tossing messages in a bottle into the ocean, proves that even the most outdated and unreliable form of 'social networking' can still work in our booking the face, twittering the tweet world. He sent 4,800 messages via the Atlantic and received over 3,000 messages back from all over the world. »9/26/11 4:20pm9/26/11 4:20pm