Turn your text messages into video using words taken from famous movies

NASA Will Send Your Messages To Aliens Into Outer Space

Last year, when Voyager I left our solar system for the lonely pastures of interstellar space, it carried a message for extraterrestrial life: A golden record containing images and words selected by Carl Sagan and others. But that was almost 40 years ago. Now, NASA is making a whole new message from the Earthlings of… » 6/25/14 3:45pm 6/25/14 3:45pm

Haha, People Who Read Your Message But Don't Reply Are the Worst

Before I go off calling everyone who has read receipts on but still doesn't reply in a timely matter rude assholes, please note that I am one of them. But still! I hear it's verrry annoying for other people to see some messages be read (and for Facebook, it pretty much has to be that way) and quickly replied to while… » 5/09/13 1:00am 5/09/13 1:00am

Sending Secret Encrypted Text Messages on Your iPhone Just Got Easier

One thing your iPhone could be better at: sending secret encrypted messages (aka for sexting and/or illicit relationships). The regular messages app leaves everything hanging out in the open! Text Fortress is an app that encrypts the messages you send and locks them down so only the person you sent it to, can see it. » 1/29/13 10:00pm 1/29/13 10:00pm

Facebook Might Make You Pay To Send Messages To Strangers

Today Facebook is adding a couple of new settings for messages to make sure you see the ones you need to see. And it's also testing a system where you pay a buck to ensure someone you aren't friends with reads a note you sent. Ugh, hopefully that test fails. » 12/20/12 1:18pm 12/20/12 1:18pm

Papa John's Faces $250 Million Lawsuit Over SMS Spam

Papa John's has clearly been a little over-eager with its digital promotion. Now, it's facing a $250 million class-action lawsuit over all the spammy text messages it's been sending you and everybody else around the US. » 11/14/12 4:31am 11/14/12 4:31am

Facebook Messages Just Got Way Easier to Use

Facebook Messages, which has been the stuck-in-2004 ugly big sister to the already-butt-ugly Facebook Chat, actually looks sort of usable now thanks to a new two-panel design. » 8/22/12 3:25pm 8/22/12 3:25pm

Facebook Groups Now Tell You Who's Read Your Posts

If you worry about who's read your posts on a Facebook group, now you can breathe easy. From today, Facebook groups will tell you—and the rest of the group's members—exactly who's read the post. Which is either useful, or incredibly creepy. » 7/12/12 5:24am 7/12/12 5:24am

This Might Explain Why Your iMessages Are F*cked Up

Are your special blue iMessages acting up? Do they arrive late, or maybe not at all? It looks like there's a solution—and Apple is to blame. » 5/14/12 3:17pm 5/14/12 3:17pm

Homophobia Is Totally Gay, As Proven By Science

It's long been theorized that many hardcore, anti-gay homophobics are often repressed homosexuals themselves. There certainly has been a lot of anecdotal evidence from notable political figures to support this theory, but now science is stepping in with some raw data. » 4/29/12 6:00pm 4/29/12 6:00pm

Idiots Are Paying For Service that Adds "Sent From My iPhone" Signature…

The more I read about this, the more I want to go to China and punch all these idiots out of their underpants: people paying one dollar a month to add a "sent from my iPhone" to every message they send. » 2/23/12 4:28pm 2/23/12 4:28pm

Hiss: Get Your Growl Alerts in Mountain Lion's Notification Center

OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center looks incredible. So good, in fact, that we've been wondering what's going to happen to Growl notifications in the future. Some crafty developers have presented one answer to that question with Hiss, a program that integrates the latter utility into the former. » 2/20/12 7:00pm 2/20/12 7:00pm

Only OS X Mountain Lion Will Have the New Messages App

You can try out the beta for the new Messages app that'll be in OS X Mountain Lion right now, but once the release rolls around, you'll have to install Mountain Lion to use the full version. » 2/17/12 10:02am 2/17/12 10:02am

Everything Apple's Trying to Kill with OS X Mountain Lion

Apple's OS X Mountain Lion brings a lot of new features to the table. It's the future of instant messaging, for one thing, and probably more than a few other things as well. » 2/16/12 2:00pm 2/16/12 2:00pm

OS X Messages: This Is the Future of IM

AIM, Gchat, FaceTime, and iMessage—too many ways to communicate between too many different devices. Not anymore. The new Messages app—available as a beta from OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion—fixes that. This is how our fingers will talk now. » 2/16/12 11:41am 2/16/12 11:41am

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: More iPhone-Like Than Ever

Seemingly out of nowhere, Mountain Lion, the next version of the Apple's OS X operating system, is formally in the works and will be on our computers later this summer. Most intriguing is that it will further blur the lines between iOS and OS X, bringing apps like Messages, Notes, and Reminders along with utilities… » 2/16/12 9:07am 2/16/12 9:07am

The Only Safe Place in GChat Is Invisible

Come on, already. You know that fancy away message isn't going to protect you. You can sass it up with as much urgency and/or bile as you want, but the yo-yos are still going to come knocking. And you know what? It's your own fault for not doing an Invisible ninja vanish when you had the chance. [The Doghouse Diaries] » 8/17/11 9:20am 8/17/11 9:20am

Facebook Fails

Facebook wants to be your life. They want you to chat, exchange messages and publish your photos using their services. That's ok. It's a good concept. It's just too bad their technology sucks to the point of being unusable at times. » 5/19/11 12:00pm 5/19/11 12:00pm

North Koreans Get Revolution Updates from Balloons

The South Korean military today sent tens of thousands of helium balloons toward North Korea » 2/25/11 7:34am 2/25/11 7:34am with leaflets informing people there of the revolutions taking place across the Middle East and reading, "a dictatorial regime is destined to collapse," according []