Taio Cruz Builds Social Network, Reminds Us Of His Existence

It already feels like time for I Love The 10s. There's plenty of throwback material. Example: Inception. Alternate example: Gangnam Style. And Taio Cruz would definitely make the cut for Break Your Heart and Dynamite. But he also apparently exists in the here and now. And he made a social network called KeWe » 8/18/13 12:48pm 8/18/13 12:48pm

Where Do You Chat?

Real-time chat has been everywhere for, you know, forever now and has swallowed everything in its path. Integrating chat platforms and finding a way to coherently deal with texting vs. chatting has become a major issue. Other than venting here in hallowed Gizmodo chatroom posts, how do you manage all the Google chat… » 5/12/13 1:00pm 5/12/13 1:00pm

The Next Killer Feature in Smartphones

For a long time now, our smartphones have been getting more and more, well, smart. They do more things. You probably haven’t beaten your phone at chess in years. And the race to cram increasingly granular, eventually useless, features into them has defined the past few years of phone making. Except the next big… » 4/30/13 11:00am 4/30/13 11:00am

Poke: Facebook Just Cloned Snapchat (Update: Hands-on)

Facebook has a new Snapchat knockoff app that just hit iTunes (no Android version yet). Facebook Poke—yes, Poke!—wants to be your go-to app for photo and video messsaging, but will anybody want to engage in Snapchat weirdness on Facebook? And does this mean Facebook owns your sexts? Facebook response and hands-on… » 12/21/12 3:19pm 12/21/12 3:19pm

Microsoft Is Allegedly Working on a Windows Phone Group Chat App…

If you've been keeping your eyes on Windows Phone, but have been holding off on switching over until it gets a few more crucial features and/or apps, here's an interesting rumor: WMPowerUser says that Microsoft is working on a new group chat feature called Room, which apparently works in a similar manner as BlackBerry… » 9/04/12 9:57am 9/04/12 9:57am

What Does Microsoft and Skype's Puppy Love Mean for Your PC, Xbox, and…

Skype is the latest mail-order bride to join Microsoft's stable up in Redmond, Washington. But unlike some of Microsoft's has-been acquisitions (Danger, I see you!), Skype is an internationally known name. How will they fit into the world of Microsoft? » 5/10/11 11:20am 5/10/11 11:20am

RIM Sues Messenger App Kik For Patent Infringement

Kik, the got-very-popular-very-fast cross-platform messaging app, was booted from BlackBerry's App World because of a breach of "contractual obligations," presumably breaching an obligation not to drive people away from BBM, RIM's own messaging platform which they hold near and dear to their hearts. Now RIM's saying that … » 12/01/10 12:08pm 12/01/10 12:08pm