The iPhone Gets the Wearable Remote Display It Deserves

The Meta Watch was designed with hopes of breaking the curse of consumer apathy when it comes to smart watches. An Android-friendly version has actually been available to developers since the middle of last year, but thanks to a Bluetooth update, it's finally now compatible with iOS too. But is that enough to make you… » 5/22/12 7:30am 5/22/12 7:30am

Why We'll Wear Watches Again

For most people, the only reason to wear a watch anymore is to tell other people that you are the kind of person that still wears a watch. (Or a terrorist.) But the Meta Watch isn't just a watch. » 5/11/11 8:48pm 5/11/11 8:48pm

Fossil Meta Watch Pairs With Tablets and Phones over Bluetooth For…

HP liked this Fossil Meta Watch "wrist computer" enough to include it in its future-gazing presentation a while back, but finally humble citizens of Earth can slam 200 notes down and grab one for themselves. Pre-orders begin on May 9th, but it won't be sent out until July. » 5/05/11 6:40am 5/05/11 6:40am