Older People May Have Trouble Staying Athletic, But Not for the Reason You Think

If you wanted to spend two weeks cycling through Denmark, you’ve just missed a good chance. A research team at the University of Copenhagen arranged just a 2700 kilometer cycling trip, to study how older people respond to exercise. The scientists measured the metabolism of the bikers and found a problem, although not… »11/13/15 3:40pm11/13/15 3:40pm


Overall Health Balance Scale Measures Everything But Peen Size

Aimed, one guesses, at Japanese health obsessives, the Overall Health Balance Scale measures a person's health in six different ways: weight; BMI; subcutaneous fat ratio; organ fat level; muscle level; and basal metabolic rate. On top of that, it rates your health on a scale of one to five. Sounds to me like a version… »4/29/08 6:30am4/29/08 6:30am