The Intense Shockwave of Flattening a Car into a Pancake with Explosives

Mythbusters attempted to turn a car into a pancake with the help of 1,000 pounds of ANFO (ammonium nitrate fuel oil) and a giant steel plate which resulted in a ginormous explosion and a really spectacular shockwave. Seeing the whole thing in high speed, you can see the shockwave grow like a bubble beyond the blow up.

Pouring Molten Copper on Antifreeze Engine Coolant Is Pretty Spectacular

It’s basically the war of the worlds. Heaven and hell smashing themselves together. A song of ice and fire. It’s molten copper vs antifreeze engine coolant. That hot golden orange glow being poured onto the radioactive slimy green antifreeze. What happens? A lot! The antifreeze starts shooting out bolts as the burn…


Making the real life version of Katniss' bow from The Hunger Games is impressive

No one can bring weapons from fictional worlds into real life as well as the crew from Man At Arms: Reforged. The blacksmiths are just too good at what they do. This episode of the making of Katniss’ bow from The Hunger Games is especially cool because you get to see a big block of aluminum that weighs 19 pounds get…

Video: Giant shredder machine chomps down and swallows cars

Car, meet giant shredder machine. Giant shredder machine, meet car. Oh dammit, you’re going to eat the car. It’s always fun to watch giant shredders tear up and break things but it’s even more fun when they turn something that’s big and really hard to break—like a car—and just go through it like it’s some rag doll toy…