The Plan to Drill into the Crater from the Dinosaur-Killing Meteorite 

Sixty-five million years ago, a meteorite careened into Earth, leaving a huge crater on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The impact is likely responsible for killing off the most of the dinosaurs—along with 75 percent of all species on Earth. Scientists are now planning an expedition to drill into the… »4/14/15 6:40pm4/14/15 6:40pm


An Asteroid With Active Volcanoes Once Wandered the Early Universe

Back in 2008, astronomers detected an asteroid heading straight toward Earth. For the first time ever, they tracked the rock as it veered towards our planet and exploded over the Nubian desert. Now, pieces of the recovered meteorite are beginning to reveal its secrets—like how it once harbored an active volcano. »8/20/14 2:18pm8/20/14 2:18pm

Scientists from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center recently figured out how to look for extraterrest

Scientists from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center recently figured out how to look for extraterrestrial life in tiny samples of space dust using a nanoelectrospray emitter (above, right) that charges molecules into a mass spectrometer (above, left). Previously, they needed large chunks of carbon-rich meteorites to… »2/03/14 6:40pm2/03/14 6:40pm

Explore an Interactive Map of Every Meteorite Seen in the Past Century

As long as you're not in the immediate landing path, meteorites are really fascinating. Over the past century, The Meteoritical Society has confirmed 606 eyewitnessed meteorite landings around the world. Designer Sebastian Sadowski maps them all out in a great interactive infographic that's tons of fun, until you… »7/24/13 5:20pm7/24/13 5:20pm

What Are The Chances of an Asteroid Demolishing Your Home Tomorrow?

In case you've been been blissfully unaware, in just 24 hours, a 143,000 ton, obscenely expensive asteroid is going to buzz peacefully past Earth, giving us a nice little show and a new appreciation for our lives all at once. Or so they'll have us believe. But even if NASA's "scientists" are right about this one,… »2/14/13 10:15am2/14/13 10:15am