Scientists Bring Us Closer to Methane-Driven Economy With Powdered Gas

Scientists have found a way to create powdered methane, making it much easier to store the elusive silent-but-deadly gas. By mixing the methane in a blender with water and silica, roughly one liter of the fuel can be stored in about six grams of powder. Though the powder form still needs to be held under light… » 9/17/08 3:00am 9/17/08 3:00am

Fart Tanks Fight Methane, Give Al Gore Weird Ideas

Being the world's largest beef producer with 55 million cows, Argentinian scientists tested claims about bovines being one of the worst polluters on the planet thanks to the methane they produce. To do this, they used big pink tanks on top of the cows, connected to their intestines with a tube inserted into their rear… » 7/15/08 11:15am 7/15/08 11:15am

Street Lights in India Powered By Poop

Yes, you read it correctly: The street lights in the Indian town of Thiruneermalai are run on digested curry. As National Geographic describes it, the human waste from an area housing complex collects in a sump, where the methane gas produced by the "sludge" is used to operate a generator. This biogas produces 3,000… » 12/11/07 4:20pm 12/11/07 4:20pm