New York City's Futuristic Skybridges Are a Thing of the Past

Pretty much every dystopian novel ever published alludes to a future, in which poor people are stuck on the ground while rich people navigate cities on luxurious skybridges. But New York won't see that future any time soon. The city is slowly demolishing all of its once futuristic skybridges in favor of, well, good… »8/11/14 1:03pm8/11/14 1:03pm

Metropolis Restored: A Sci-Fi Cinematic Masterpiece Is Whole Once Again

Metropolis is widely considered to be one of the greatest films ever made, telling the tale of class warfare and uprising in a dystopic society that has been spurred by an cyborg fashioned in the likeness of an aristocrat's dead wife. But the version the vast majority of us had seen was not the original cut that… »7/01/12 9:00pm7/01/12 9:00pm