The Large-Scale Forensics That Reconstructed The Attack on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

15 months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down, a group of experts convened by the Netherlands have finished studying the crash. Their report explains what happened, and gives us a glimpse at the advanced technical forensics they used to painstakingly recreate the attack. »10/14/15 6:20pm10/14/15 6:20pm


A Tweetbot Caught the Russian Gov't Editing Flight MH17 Wikipedia Info

Remember @CongressEdits, the tweetbot that alerts whenever a Wikipedia article is edited from a government IP address? There's a Russian version now, and it just uncovered some pretty drastic edits to a Wikipedia article that mentions Flight MH17, originating from a Russian government IP address. »7/18/14 6:44pm7/18/14 6:44pm