Scientists Cured Paralysis in Mice with Stem Cells and Lasers

This is wild. Chasing the elusive dream of curing paralysis, a team of scientists used stem cells and optogenetics to circumvent the central motor system of lab mice whose nerves had been cut. This enabled them to blast individual motor neurons with a laser, triggering movement in the legs of the mice. » 4/03/14 6:45pm 4/03/14 6:45pm

Here Is a Video of Tiny Mice Decorating a Tiny Christmas Tree

Cancel your Christmas photoshoot because nothing is going to beat this video of little tiny mice decorating a little tiny tree with their little tiny mice hands. Your baby niece can't string lights on a Balsam Fir. Your dog dressed in a holiday bandana has done nothing to fill you with holiday cheer. But these mice?… » 12/25/13 10:00am 12/25/13 10:00am

A History of the Apple Mouse Created Exclusively With CSS

The most impressive thing about Josh Bader's website that documents the history of the Apple Mouse isn't how comprehensive it is. After all, you can count the number of major hardware revisions Apple's made to its mouse since 1983 on two hands. No, what makes Bader's site particularly wonderful is that all the… » 10/30/13 9:40am 10/30/13 9:40am

A Minute's Charge Keeps Logitech's Ultrathin Mouse Running For an Hour

Laptop trackpads have gotten considerably more capable over the years, but sometimes a mouse in hand is still the better way to go. And if you're used to carrying a svelte laptop, Logitech's betting you'll want a mouse to match with its new Ultrathin T630/631 Touch Mouse that can keep you working for hours, even if you … » 8/28/13 9:20am 8/28/13 9:20am

Microsoft's Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Is Easy on Wrists and Eyes Alike

Back in 1994, Microsoft's first ergonomic keyboard showed us that the traditional design maybe wasn't as comfortable as it could've been, and that we didn't have to deal with a crippling pain in our wrists just to send an email. An age of ergonomic accessories was born, and the piece de resistance of the past 20 or so… » 8/13/13 1:07pm 8/13/13 1:07pm

Set Gestures To Stun with This Futuristic Multi-Touch Mouse

Whether or not touch is the future, you'll probably still want a mouse in the meantime. Asus' new VivoMouse is a futuristic-looking stopgap, mixing full, multi-touch gestures with good old-fashioned point-and-click. Also it looks like it came from space. » 6/03/13 10:56am 6/03/13 10:56am

Gigabyte's Aivia Uranium Gaming Mouse Comes With Its Own Tiny Monitor

A beefed up computer ensures you can actually play the latest and greatest PC gaming titles, but if you want to compete online with even a marginal level of success, you're going to need to get yourself a kick-ass mouse as well. Gigabyte's new Aivia Uranium seems to fit the bill, particularly if you want to go wireless … » 4/17/13 10:20am 4/17/13 10:20am

Injecting Mice With Human Brain Cells Actually Makes Them Smarter

A scenario like Planet of the Apes might not be as unrealistic as we think, but fortunately—or at least for right now—it seems like our future overlords will be far less threatening than Caesar and co.. That's because scientists have discovered that injecting mice with human brain cells can actually make them smarter.… » 3/08/13 4:40pm 3/08/13 4:40pm

Guam's Solving Its Snake Problem With a Horrifying Rain of Poisoned…

Guam has a problem with brown tree snakes. Specifically, it has two million brown tree snakes, and they're slowly decimating other native species. So scientists have come up with a solution, the only logical one really: fill a bunch of dead mice with painkillers, give each corpse a tiny parachute, and throw them all… » 2/22/13 5:20pm 2/22/13 5:20pm

This Polygamist Mouse Can Partner with 9 Devices

Besides a lack of unruly cables, the other big advantage to using wireless accessories like a Bluetooth mouse is that they can be easily swapped between devices. And Elecom is betting that there are enough consumers using nine different devices at once to profit on its new 9nove wireless mouse. Good luck with that. » 12/13/12 2:40pm 12/13/12 2:40pm