Michael Arrington: "Google Spied on My Gmail"

This week, we learned Microsoft has been able to read anyone's Hotmail inbox, if it so pleases. But what about Google? According to TechCrunch founder and friendly VC giant Mike Arrington, his Gmail account was rifled through just the same. » 3/21/14 5:35pm 3/21/14 5:35pm

The Crunchpad/JooJoo Lawsuit Has Been Filed: Preorders Are Officially…

After Fusion Garage left Michael Arrington and his Crunchpad standing at the altar, sad a dejected, only to go to a different wedding with some hussy named JooJoo, one thing seemed obvious: Somone was going to get sued, and soon. And that's exactly what's happened. And with INTERSERVE doing business as TECHCRUNCH and… » 12/11/09 9:59am 12/11/09 9:59am

CrunchPad Breaks Cover at Media Event Next Monday

The CrunchPad would've been an easy-to-use Web tablet, but the strange saga of its 11th-hour demise will be anything but simple. Chandra Rathakrishnan—CEO of the CrunchPad's problem partner—will demo the tablet, and explain his side of the story. » 12/04/09 6:36am 12/04/09 6:36am

CrunchPad Web Tablet Landing "As Soon As Possible" for Less Than $300

Mike Arrington's CrunchPad web tablet, already several prototypes in, is quickly bubbling to reality reports Bits: There's going to be an announcement in July or August, and it'll be available "as soon as possible." » 7/04/09 6:30pm 7/04/09 6:30pm