Here's every Transformers robot fight scene in one video

Instead of making the Marky Mark Transformers sequel, Michael Bay should have just sent in this sick, non-stop supercut of every single robot fight scene from the Transformers trilogy to theaters. Yep. This video is an orgy of explosive metal on metal battle scenes without any of the pesky humans screwing it up. I… » 7/11/14 1:11am 7/11/14 1:11am

Michael Bay Just Freaked Out at a Samsung Press Conference (Update: Bay…

Michael Bay just walked on stage, flubbed his lines, and walked off at a Samsung CES press conference. It was weird. » 1/06/14 5:27pm 1/06/14 5:27pm

The One Kickstarter I'd Support Is Michael Bay's Bad Boys III Pitch

We gave up on Kickstarter a few months ago; too many unfulfilled orders of too many far-fetched concepts. It's the internet's biggest—and most expensive—letdown, to be honest. Unless, of course, it's being used to help Michael Bay bring the Bad Boys franchise back with aliens and explosions and oh gawd why can't this… » 7/29/12 1:30pm 7/29/12 1:30pm

The World Isn't Ready For the Michael Bay Energy Drink

Can you imagine the devastation caused by a morning swig of the "Bay in a can" energy drink? Urban Outfitters would have to amp production of denim shorty-shorts to dangerous levels at the very least. [YouTubeThanks, Nick!] » 10/10/11 4:40am 10/10/11 4:40am

Scientists Are Planning a Real-Life Armageddon Mission

In the timeless masterpiece Armageddon, by auteur Michael Bay, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck were sent into space to blow up an asteroid headed straight for Earth. Now, in real life, scientists are going to do the same thing. » 8/17/11 9:10am 8/17/11 9:10am

Michael Bay Just Re-using Footage from The Island for Transformers 3

It's hard being Michael Bay, what with all the money he needs to count and women he needs to objectify. Plus, one shitty, loud, oversaturated three-hour car commercial is as good as the next, so you can't really blame the guy for re-using footage from one in another. He's got robot testicles to design! Frankly, the… » 7/02/11 4:00pm 7/02/11 4:00pm

If Filming in 3D is "Tough as Hell," Michael Bay, Maybe You Should Give…

I mean, who's really looking forward to Transformers 3? Really? Really?! Anyway, turns out James Cameron is to blame, with Bay saying "years ago, Jim Cameron called me and told me I needed to do 3D. I told him no!" » 5/20/11 8:30am 5/20/11 8:30am

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer Hits Web Without Shia LaBeouf in…

Michael Bay's EXPLOSIVE movie has appeared online in HD, non-bootlegged format. And there's nary a Shia LaBeouf in sight! Hurrah! Released next July, the clip shows Transformers were present at the Apollo 11 moonwalk. Oh Michael Bay... [Transformers via CrunchGear] » 12/09/10 4:20am 12/09/10 4:20am

What Your Wedding Photos Need Is a Little More Michael Bay

Turn those personal keepsakes into a scene from a Michael Bay movie. Which movie? Any movie! It really doesn't matter, with the Bayifier generator tool. Just don't be too heavy-handed with the LaBeouf heads, mmkay? [Bayifier via PreSurfer via io9] » 10/04/10 3:20am 10/04/10 3:20am

Michael Bay Goes Too Far, Directs Victoria's Secret Commercial

Michael Bay isn't talentless. After all, he gave us the first Transformers movie. No no, MIchael Bay is a genius. The catch is that he's also an insidious prankster. » 12/08/09 4:40pm 12/08/09 4:40pm

The Top Spokesassholes in Tech

Each day I get a little bit sadder that Billy Mays is no longer with us. Good thing there are so many spokeassholes vying for position in the marketing pantheon. » 8/18/09 11:20pm 8/18/09 11:20pm

New Transformers 2 Footage: An Angsty Autobot and Megan Fox Shamelessly…

Here you go, a new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video. It's about a minute of stuff blowing up, a minute of Bumblebee whining, and 30 seconds of Megan Fox. » 4/18/09 7:30pm 4/18/09 7:30pm

Transformers 2 Will Be Shot in IMAX, Get Ready for Five-Story…

Holy crap. Parts of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen are being shot » 9/30/08 7:20pm 9/30/08 7:20pm in , meaning you'll get to see literally Transformers getting smashed, exploded and all of the in the only screen size truly worthy of Michael Bay. , non-IMAX scenes will be letterboxed, and it'll blow back up to full screen size for IMAX…

Michael Bay, Transformers and Giant Explosions Shill for Verizon FiOS

Verizon's new FiOS ad is a splashy, big-budget popcorn flick compared to Time Warner's cheaper, low-fi satire spot. It even stars the king of big boom summer movies, Michael Bay, blowing a bunch of shit up and hanging out with Transformers, saying the word "awesome" a whole lot. Come to think of it, it's pretty much… » 2/14/08 8:00pm 2/14/08 8:00pm

Michael Bay Says HD DVD Is a Big Microsoft-Funded Conspiracy

Michael Bay, acclaimed director of smash hits Pearl Harbor and The Island, has never had love for HD DVD, (though it seemed like he got reasonable). Now he says HD DVD is all a giant conspiracy being bankrolled by $100 million checks from Microsoft to slowly kill both HD formats: "Microsoft [officials] want both… » 12/05/07 12:30pm 12/05/07 12:30pm

Blu-ray Outsells HD DVD Nearly 2-to-1 in US

Home Media Research reports that from January 1 through September 30, Blu-ray sold 2.6 million discs in the US, while only 1.4 million HD DVD discs were sold. » 10/24/07 9:04am 10/24/07 9:04am

Michael Bay Still Loves Blu-ray More Than HD DVD

Even though Transformers director Michael Bay backed down after bitching about Paramount's choice of HD DVD over Blu-ray for all forthcoming home videos including Transformers, he couldn't hold his tongue for long. He told USA Today that he's pissed about the format war in general, adding specifically: » 10/23/07 11:23am 10/23/07 11:23am

He also says…

Michael Bay Backs Down On HD DVD Exclusivity Rants

Either someone from Paramount's threatened Michael Bay with something horrible, or someone from the HD DVD camp kidnapped his dog, because Bay's just gone back on his earlier stance at the recent decision to dump Blu-ray. Here's what his latest post on his forum says: » 8/22/07 11:35am 8/22/07 11:35am

Michael Bay Angry at Paramount's Dumping of Blu-ray

Paramount and Dreamworks Animation's decision to go exclusively HD DVD and even up the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD war has pissed off Transformers director Michael Bay. There's seriously urine all over the place. This is what he said in a post on his own forum: » 8/21/07 11:41am 8/21/07 11:41am