Fournier's Skydiving Record Attempt Fails When His Balloon Floats Away

Bad news for wannabe record breaker Michel Fournier. While he was foiled by weather yesterday in his attempt to freefall from 25 miles up, today he was foiled by what appears to be ineptitude. The weather was fine. The problem? His fancy balloon that was supposed to take him up so high wasn't attached properly while… »5/27/08 1:20pm5/27/08 1:20pm


Wannabe Supersonic Skydiver Foiled by Weather: Tomorrow Looks Good

Those of you who've hunted for news of crazy Frenchman Michel Fournier and his attempt on the skydiving height record (and the sound barrier) will be pleased to know that the jump is still on: just delayed by the weather. During his pre-jump oxygen breathing session this morning, the wind began to rise. Three weather… »5/26/08 3:00pm5/26/08 3:00pm

62-Year-Old Man Attempts Hara-Kiri by Jumping from 25 Miles Up

A 62-year-old Frenchman is giving his attempt on the world free-fall record one last try in the skies above Saskatchewan. Michel Fournier has spent $13.25 million trying to jump from 25 miles above the earth's surface and break the world free-fall record set by USAF test pilot Joe Kittinger in 1960. But first he has… »8/13/07 7:12am8/13/07 7:12am