Get Ready To See Way More Humble-Braggy Photos From White House Visitors

Well this is certainly the icing on the cake for the best week of the Obama presidency. For the first time in 40 years, visitors to the White House will be allowed to document their visit with the camera of their choice, and for the first time ever, visitors can immediately upload those photos to social media. Selfies… »7/01/15 5:03pm7/01/15 5:03pm


A Sea of Cell Phones, Snapping Pics of the First Couple During the Inaugural Slow Dance

In the background of this photo, the Commander-in-Chief and his lovely wife are dancing to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" for the Inauguration Ball slow dance. But you can't really tell. What you see is a swarm of arms and cell phones angling to snap a picture of the first couple in an intimate moment seen by… »1/22/13 9:05am1/22/13 9:05am