Seeing the original 1928 Mickey Mouse animated in 3D is terrifying

Some things are better left untouched. Really3D, the hilarious YouTube channel that animates classics into ridiculous 3D renders, proves that with a gagful 3D animation of the 1928 classic Steamboat Willie. You know, the short film that first introduced the world to Mickey Mouse. The 3D version of the classic is so… » 2/18/14 7:19pm 2/18/14 7:19pm

Mickey Mouse Spotted On Mercury!

The image on the left was just captured by NASA's Messenger spacecraft, now orbiting Mercury. The image on the right is a famous rodent. I wonder when Disney's lawyers would sue the solar system for intellectual property theft. From NASA: » 6/15/12 10:40am 6/15/12 10:40am

Dance Star Mickey Probably Dances Better Than You Do

It's 2010 and everyone is dancing. Well, maybe not everyone but at least Donny Osmond and Mickey Mouse, as I saw this morning at the unveiling of Dance Star Mickey, the newest plush incarnation of everyone's favorite rodent. » 2/15/10 11:45am 2/15/10 11:45am

Mickey Mouse TV Mount Looks Like Something You Would See In The…

Indeed, this Mickey Mouse TV mount looks like something you would have seen alongside the robot heads and Peter Pan golf carts in Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. » 4/09/09 5:20pm 4/09/09 5:20pm

Mickey Mouse Autobot is More Than Meets the Eye

I love Transformers and I love Disney, but it never occurred to me that they'd go together. Luckily for us, Japanese toy makers are much better than I at coming up with cross-promotional products. » 1/15/09 1:30am 1/15/09 1:30am

iRiver Brings Mickey MP3 Player to the US; May Cause Cancer

The Mickey MP3 player that we've shown you when it was only available in Korea, and again when it was gold-plated, is finally making its way to the US today, with one slight caveat: "This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm." That's… » 4/22/08 1:39pm 4/22/08 1:39pm

Friends, Kids, Geeks, A-Data's Mickey Mouse 2GB Drive Lends You His Ear

The worst thing about this official A-Data Mickey Mouse USB flash drive is that I can think of about five adults I know who'd love one. The modular design conceals the mini 2GB drive as one of Mickey's ears, the other ear being pierced for pendants or charms. The clear plastic centre even pops out so you can slide in… » 2/27/08 9:56am 2/27/08 9:56am

Buffalo's Kid-Friendly USB Memory Sticks Stop Your Little Treasures…

This is a smart idea from Buffalo: USB memory sticks that your kids can stick in your computer without causing wanton destruction to the files inside — or your reputation when they inadvertently download your skinflicks onto a memory stick and present Belladonna's tattoos to their nonplussed classmates. Gallery and… » 12/05/07 7:20am 12/05/07 7:20am

iRiver Mickey Mouse MP3 Player $50, Still Chunky

No, this isn't Steampunk Willie. The 2007 Software Exhibition of Korea kicked off today, and iRiver showcased a few new concept images for its upcoming MP3 player collaboration with Disney. The player is slated to be a plump but minuscule 3cm tall (a 1:1 ratio model of the real Mickey, perhaps?), hold 1GB of music,… » 6/20/07 10:13am 6/20/07 10:13am

iRiver Mplayer: How Mickey Got His Groove Back

A new Mickey shaped music product is in the works, and unlike this crazy speaker set, Disney actually appears to be involved, along with iRiver. Molded after Mickey's bulbous likeness (and Minnie's, of course), the screenless flash player is due to hit Asia soon. » 6/08/07 6:10pm 6/08/07 6:10pm

Mickey Mouse-Themed iPod Nano on Sale in Japan: Dumbo Isn't a Fan

Collectors of Disney memorabilia are going to go nuts for this limited-edition Mickey Mouse iPod - if there are any left. There are only 500 of these 2GB Mickey-etched Nanos, which went on sale on March 14 for $293, and come with a rodent-embossed leather case and strap. But why didn't they make it an 8GB model? If… » 3/19/07 7:00am 3/19/07 7:00am

Mickey, Minnie Mouse Hump Your Screen, Eliminate Finger Grease

In all reality this product could just be a shipment of little, plush stuffed characters that fell off the truck and were hocked as screen cleaners, but I'm pretty sold on 'em. Mickey and Minnie's stomachs are actually soft, optical grade fabric cloth that can clean your screen by humping the shit out of it. Both of… » 10/16/06 11:12am 10/16/06 11:12am

Mickey Mouse iPod Nano

And now something for all the Mouseketeers out there, a special edition of the iPod nano completely decked out in Mickey Mouse regalia. In addition to the surprisingly well-done Mickey Mouse engraving on the back of the nano, this limited-edition set comes with stickers out the wazoo, a protective case with a picture… » 5/22/06 3:16pm 5/22/06 3:16pm

Mickey and Minnie: Together in the Land of USB

Perhaps your parents or relatives are into tech and grew up on all things nostalgic. Dr. Who, Disney cartoons, Howdy Doody and such. Now's the time to score them a vintage-styled USB drive with Mickey and Minnie Mouse themes. These excellent-looking drives look right out of the 1950s and even have fake stiching and… » 1/12/06 4:22pm 1/12/06 4:22pm