Adidas's New Smart Soccer Ball Tells You Everything About Your Kicks

Tech in sports typically revolves around maximizing performance in some nebulous and difficult-to-fact-check way. But Adidas has been doing some very cool stuff, like MiCoach biometric tracking, and now it's got something new and actually kind of great in theory: a soccer ball that tells you what its doing. »5/24/13 5:30pm5/24/13 5:30pm


MiCoach for Android Will Start Motivating You From April

The popular and really quite good Adidas MiCoach fitness system is about to launch on Android, with a compatible app set to arrive for free download on the Android Market in April. Adidas says the app has already been downloaded by over a million Blackberry and iPhone users, so something's obviously been done right. [… »2/16/11 6:00am2/16/11 6:00am