Brando EKmemory Micro Flash Drive Surprisingly Not Cheapest, Smallest Of Them All

I've been meaning to buy a Super Talent Pico flash drive for a while-they're 8GB, 31mm long (claiming world's smallest) and have a metal loop that looks like it won't break (hopefully) on my keyring. Now Brando is jumping into the ultra-tiny flash game, and surprisingly, the 8GB EKmemory Micro will run you $55-$20… »7/29/08 9:45am7/29/08 9:45am

Kingston DataTraveler Micro is a USB Stick with MicroSD Card Reader

USB thumb drives stopped being cool about 10 years ago, but what happens when you stick a microSD card reader on board? It gets cool again, that's what. Kingston's DataTraveler Micro does just that, and even holds up to 4GB of onboard memory inside the thumbdrive itself. The reader can read not only microSD cards, but… »2/11/08 1:15pm2/11/08 1:15pm

Micro Bluetooth Earpiece: Smaller Than a Dime, Spytastic, Handmade

This Bluetooth headset is smaller than a dime, and small enough to be carried away by an ant. The thing is about 6mm by 5mm by 10mm. Ridica-malous! And could easily get lost in your ear. There's even a detachable buzzer, for simple communication with your poker card counting buddies, or friends across the room taking… »8/17/06 4:34pm8/17/06 4:34pm