New Micro-Helicopter First With Proper Cyclic Controls, Says Japanese Maker

Though Pico Z toy helicopters and their ilk are fun, they're bloody difficult »8/13/08 7:47am8/13/08 7:47am to control (even the version) since they lack the control sophistication of bigger models. But Kyosho is trying to sort that out with its upcoming "Minium AD Caliber 120 Readyset" micro-helicopter model, which has a proper cyclic…


Tandem Z1 Chinook Minicopter Flying (and Crashing) on Video

Click to viewMy new Tandem Z1 Chinook finally arrived. And guess what? Two rotors and proper six-way control actually does equal twice the crashes. At least while starting out, anyway— just like a real helicopter these things are a bugger to learn to control. Balancing throttle, forward, backwards, turning and the… »2/27/08 8:30am2/27/08 8:30am