Reuters: Apple Shrinking iPhone Connector to 19-Pin Port

The idea of Apple ditching the current 30-pin iPhone connection in favor of something smaller has been floating around for some time. Now, Reuters is reporting that the next iPhone will feature a new, 19-pin connection. » 7/23/12 4:39am 7/23/12 4:39am

Interesting Theory: New iPhone 5 Dock Connector Could Be Compatible…

Here is an interesting theory: the new dock connector in Apple's new iPhone 2012 could be a 19-pin port that would be mechanically and electrically compatible with the micro-USB standard. I don't know what it would be like, but I love the idea. » 6/24/12 6:54pm 6/24/12 6:54pm

Bluelounge's Refresh Station Charges Four Devices At Once, Is Pretty In …

The Refresh charging station is like a beautifully slimmed down version of Bluelounge's Sanctuary charger, with half the connections: 2x iPod/iPhone, 2x USB, plus single Micro USB and Mini USB plugs. » 8/14/09 5:04am 8/14/09 5:04am

Giz Explains: An Illustrated Guide to Every Stupid Cable You Need

We put up with too many cables. There are at least four different kinds of USB plugs, two kinds of FireWire and like a million different ways to connect something to TV or monitor. Modern gadget life can be kind of retarded in this way. Why not one kind of cable, or just a couple? I don't know. But until everyone gets… » 7/30/08 3:00pm 7/30/08 3:00pm