Bendy Microprocessor on Plastic

Not much other then a report right now, but it looks like TDK has teamed up with Japanese Semiconductor Energy Laboratory to make a bendable microprocessor. The transistors will be made on glass first, then transferred to plastic. The processor will also have wireless capabilities and built-in signal encryption. » 12/16/05 10:19am 12/16/05 10:19am

IBM Cranking Out Xbox 360 Chips

Time is of the essence for getting out those precious Xbox 360s in time for every kid's holiday dream, so IBM has ramped up production of its custom-designed microprocessors for the new Microsoft gaming box. The chip itself features three of a customized version of IBM's 64-bit PowerPC core, each one with two… » 10/25/05 2:38pm 10/25/05 2:38pm