At Intel's CES opening keynote, the company announced that in 2014, every microprocessor it ships will be free of conflict minerals. It's a wonderful and welcome step forward, and makes you look a little side-eyed at the PC you bought, uh, before now. » 1/06/14 10:34pm 1/06/14 10:34pm

2-Nanometer Quantum Transistors Are the World's Smallest

A team of scientists at Chungbuk National University in South Korea have created a transistor that's only 2nm in size, which happens to be the smallest in the world. By comparison, the current generation of Intel processors use 32nm transistors. » 5/31/11 6:20pm 5/31/11 6:20pm

The World's Smallest Laser

Just in time for its 50th birthday party, the world's smallest laser has arrived. It's 30 millionths of a meter long, it could revolutionize microprocessors as we know them, and it emits an impossibly adorable "pew pew" when fired. » 3/23/10 7:40pm 3/23/10 7:40pm

AMD Athlon II X4 620: Four Cores for $99

AMD's new Athlon II X4 chips are like a Phenom II minus the L3 cache. But they're super-cheap: $99 (2.6GHz-620), and $122 (2.8Ghz-630). Also looks like they hold their own against the $150 Core 2 Quad 8200: [Maximum PC] » 9/16/09 1:20am 9/16/09 1:20am

Gadgets of Our Future Will Continue To Get Smaller and Faster Thanks To…

Computers have been getting smaller for years, yet they cram the same amount of power if not more. Essentially that is Moore's Law, or the theory that every year the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits doubles. » 9/01/09 7:20pm 9/01/09 7:20pm

Intel Planning 6-Core "Dunnington" Microprocessor

According to the chaps at the Eclipse Developer's Journal (EDJ), Intel is planning a six-core microprocessor, which will go by the Dunnington moniker. » 2/23/08 1:08pm 2/23/08 1:08pm

Intel Closes in on AMD

Intel figured it was about time to show AMD who's really boss in this whole processor tug-of-war, so it decided to make its own dual-core 64-bit processor (AMD brought out its version, the Opteron, in April). Code-named Paxville (I don't even want to ask where that came from), this new XEON processor runs at 2.80… » 10/11/05 10:43am 10/11/05 10:43am