The First Person Who Ever Saw Sperm Cells Collected Them From His Wife

It’s a bright day in 1677, in the city of Delft, and Antonie van Leeuwenhoek is making love to his wife. But moments after he shudders with orgasm, he hurries out of bed to grab his microscope. After all, he’s not just spending time with his wife: he’s running an important scientific experiment at the request of the… »6/01/15 3:13pm6/01/15 3:13pm

First Ever Image to Show Light as a Wave and Particle at the Same Time

What you're looking at here is a major breakthrough. The image reveals a property of light that has never been witnessed before by human eyes, though we've long known about it. But at last, thanks in an ingenious imaging experiment, we can now see how light behaves as a wave and a particle at the same time. »3/02/15 8:00pm3/02/15 8:00pm

Every Neuron in a Brain Recorded in 3D on a Millisecond Timescale

To learn how the whole brain works, it doesn't do to just record from one neuron—you want to know what every single neuron is doing every millisecond. Now scientists have invented a technique that can actually capture the 3D activity of an entire brain milliseconds at the time—possibly the most complete picture of… »5/19/14 4:40pm5/19/14 4:40pm

This Super Sharp Image of a Cell's Insides Was Made With Glowing DNA

This looks like a bizarrely-colored aerial image of a city at night, but in reality it's something much smaller, and much more fascinating: the tiny scaffolding and organelles that make up a single human cell. Harvard researchers caught this view using a new technique powered by light-up strands of custom-built DNA. »2/05/14 6:00pm2/05/14 6:00pm

Who needs Christmas lights when you have glowing mammalian cells?

Who needs Christmas lights when you have glowing mammalian cells? This wreath, assembled from cells with proteins and structured stained different colors, was made by Dr. Donna Beer Stolz at the University of Pittsburgh. It won 19th place in the 2011 Nikon Photomicrography Competition—but top honors for holiday cheer. »12/24/13 10:00pm12/24/13 10:00pm