Over A Dozen of Microsoft's Best Peripherals Are On Sale Today

Today's Amazon Gold Box deal features a variety of Microsoft keyboards, mice, cameras, and game controllers marked down to great low prices. » 3/24/15 9:15am 3/24/15 9:15am

Microsoft Is Testing an Android-to-Windows 10 Upgrade ROM for Mobiles

Microsoft and new Chinese smartphone force Xiaomi are currently testing a clever new Windows ROM, one that could eventually be used to convert an Android mobile to one running Windows 10. » 3/18/15 8:30am 3/18/15 8:30am

Windows 10 Upgrades Will Be Free—Even For Pirated Copies

Microsoft has announced that it will give be giving free upgrades of Windows 10 to anyone who uses Windows right now—even if they're currently running pirated copies of the operating system. » 3/18/15 5:23am 3/18/15 5:23am

A Slimmed Down Windows 10 Could Make Cheap Tablets Suck Way Less

Windows 10 already seems waaay better than Windows 8. Cortana integration, Spartan browser, a Start Menu—yes please. But how about some more storage space on your tiny solid state drive? Yeah, that sounds nice, too. » 3/16/15 7:15pm 3/16/15 7:15pm

Microsoft Has Patched FREAK on Windows PCs

Last week, it came to light that the decades-old FREAK security flaw affected every version of Windows. Now, a day after Apple, Microsoft has released patches for PCs running its operating system. » 3/11/15 4:50am 3/11/15 4:50am

Microsoft's Folding Keyboard for iOS and Android Is a Razor-Thin Beauty

Imagine a keyboard that you can carry around like a wallet—almost as thin as paper, just a few millimeters—and that works with any smartphone or tablet, be it Android, iOS or Windows Phone. This is exactly what Microsoft's new fold-able keyboard is, a little beauty for those who really miss physical keyboards… » 3/02/15 12:10pm 3/02/15 12:10pm

Lumia 640 And 640 XL Hands-On: Microsoft Does Cheap Real Well

Microsoft has made it pretty clear they are not launching any new flagship phones until Windows 10 for mobile is ready. Instead, they have introduced two new Lumia models, Lumia 640 and 640 XL. We got the chance to give them a try here in Barcelona. » 3/02/15 5:39am 3/02/15 5:39am

Lumia 640 and 640 XL: More Budget Microsoft Smartphones

Microsoft hasn't announced a flagship phone at Mobile World Congress this year—but if you need to keep your bank account in the black then the Lumia 640 and 640 XL are here to help. » 3/02/15 4:46am 3/02/15 4:46am

HP’s Spectre x360 Might Be The Best Transforming Laptop I’ve Ever Seen

Milled aluminum. All-day battery life. Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. A bitchin' keyboard, and a large, clickable trackpad with excellent multitouch response. If you didn't know any better, you'd think I was describing a MacBook Air. I'm not—I'm talking HP's Spectre x360, a gorgeous premium convertible PC that… » 3/01/15 7:00am 3/01/15 7:00am

Microsoft Is Really Turning It the Fuck Around

It's tempting to think of Microsoft as some aging dinosaur. But it's wrong. Change has been building for almost a year now. Yes Windows 8 was a mess, and the Xbox One's early days were embarrassing, but Microsoft's been sharpening its game with impressive speed. And now it is once again, hands down, the most… » 2/18/15 3:10pm 2/18/15 3:10pm

Windows 10 Will Help Kill the Password for Good

A consortium of tech companies adopted a new standard in December intended to usher in a more secure future without the hassle of passwords. On Friday, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will incorporate those specifications, enabling new biometric identification features like fingerprints and eye-scans. Good job,… » 2/16/15 4:10pm 2/16/15 4:10pm

Microsoft Will Give You 100GB of Free OneDrive Storage for Two Years

Microsoft is offering a somewhat insane cloud storage deal: You can get 100GB of free OneDrive storage for nearly two years if you sign up for a Bing Rewards account. » 2/10/15 11:45am 2/10/15 11:45am

Cortana May Become Microsoft's New and Hopefully Less Annoying Clippy

Clippy was an idea ahead of its time—just horribly executed. The overly friendly paper clip has since become an endless joke that even Microsoft rips on every once in awhile. But as Cortana's conquest across Windows 10 and the new Spartan browser continues, it seems the popular voice assistant will also be coming to… » 2/08/15 11:22am 2/08/15 11:22am

Windows 10 Will Be Free For Raspberry Pi

Earlier today, Raspberry Pi announced a new, powerful version of its Pi 2 Model B+ that still costs $35. Now, Microsoft has also announced that a free version of Windows 10 will be available for Raspberry Pi devices. » 2/02/15 4:48am 2/02/15 4:48am

SNL Revisits Your Clippy Nightmares With a New Assistant Named Pushie

Microsoft's Clippy is the oft-bemoaned helper of Windows software until the friendly and overzealous paper clip was killed off for Office 2007. Detested by consumers and Microsoft alike, Clippy didn't leave behind much adoration. But last night, SNL preyed upon our Clippy nightmares with a new office assistant,… » 2/01/15 9:00am 2/01/15 9:00am

Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android Looks Like Acompli and That's Good

Well, that didn't take long. After Microsoft bought the hit email app Acompli (it was even one of our favorite apps of last year) last month, they turned it around pretty quickly into an official Outlook app for iOS and Android. Outlook joins Office as Microsoft continues its mobile software push beyond Windows Phone. » 1/29/15 3:00am 1/29/15 3:00am

A 3D Model of Microsoft's HoloLens Is the Closest You Can Get For Now

As we all stop caring about 3D TVs, smartwatches, and other recent tech fads, the attention now turns to head-worn interactive displays. And if you think Microsoft's new HoloLens has what it takes to challenge the Oculus Rift, here's your chance to look over the hardware—at least a 3D interactive model of it—… » 1/26/15 5:00pm 1/26/15 5:00pm

Windows 10's Coolest Features In 5 Animated GIFs

Aaaand Windows RT is dead. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 won't be coming to either of the Surfaces that run RT, though an update that offers some of the features will. It's Windows Phone 7 all over again. But hey, good riddance. » 1/22/15 2:35pm 1/22/15 2:35pm

An Illustrated Guide to Why Windows 10 Actually Impressed Me