Will Microsoft Come Out With a Magic Mouse-Like Arc Touch Mouse?

Disregarding obvious comments about Microsoft copying Apple in yet another way, there could be a new whizzy touch-sensitive mouse on the mat, according to some product placeholders with the name "Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse" and clever sleuthing from IStartedSomething. » 7/02/10 7:12am 7/02/10 7:12am

Chinese-Themed Microsoft Arc Mice Can Get Lost In Your Pottery…

During my visit to Hong Kong, Brian showed me to a local design store called G.O.D. (Goods Of Desire), which kind of reminded me of a China kitsch-themed Urban Outfitters. When I get a chance to go back there, I'm definitely saving up some money for these laser mice, a Microsoft Arc and G.O.D. mashup. Man, could you… » 12/02/08 12:30am 12/02/08 12:30am