Cheat Sheet: 12 Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Excel

Excel isn't the sexiest application in the world—it has an unfortunate association with the type of Milton-esque office drones we all wish we weren't. All the same, you're going to have to use at some point in their life, and it's got a lot of arcane secrets. So here are 10 quick tips and tricks that will let you… »2/10/11 8:40am2/10/11 8:40am

AC/DC Excel Spreadsheet Music Video Has Us Thunderstruck

Sure, AC/DC may be behind the times on digital distribution. And they could be described as "in denial" about the death of the music album, but this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet music video, while not condoned by the band in any way, is rockin' our Hell's Bells this fine Sunday afternoon. Better still, this "music… »10/26/08 12:00pm10/26/08 12:00pm