Full Exchange Syncing Comes to Android via Third Party

Speaking of Android »11/23/08 8:00pm11/23/08 8:00pm, you G1 fans may recall that with zero-point-zero Exchange functionality, pissing off more than one business person (at least two or three). The Android masters said that the platform would happily support third-party Exchange integration, and lo, here it comes. This week, NitroDesk rolled out…

Clarification: Exchange Sync Won't Eat All Your Data

People got scared when, in his iPhone 3G review, Walt Mossberg said that a Microsoft Exchange sync can wipe out your personal calendar and contacts (though not your personal e-mail). This is true, but it is only half the truth. What we have learned is that MobileMe—mind you, a paid subscription service—can serve up… »7/10/08 5:25pm7/10/08 5:25pm