These Five New Kinect Games Arriving Next Year Look Preeeetty Awesome

At Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft demoed five new titles for Xbox 360's Kinect. If anyone's been on the fence about buying into the whole "interpretative dance-gaming thing", they might just change their minds after hearing of some of these. » 9/16/10 5:20am 9/16/10 5:20am

Microsoft's Project Natal Is Officially Named "Kinect"

Well, the leaks were right. At tonight's E3 kick-off party, Microsoft officially pulled the curtain off Kinect, formerly known as Project Natal. Kinect! Like "connect" and "kinetic" and "Kin." Among the first games to be shown off: Kinect Star Wars. » 6/13/10 11:33pm 6/13/10 11:33pm