Hackers Just Created $1 Million in Microsoft Points

Microsoft points are the digital currency you use to buy Xbox and Zune content, and you can buy cards that are pre-loaded with points to enter in to your account. Problem? Just like with the iTunes gift cards, somebody discovered the algorithm Microsoft uses to generate valid codes, and loosed it onto the internet. » 3/10/11 12:55pm 3/10/11 12:55pm

Microsoft Launches Microsoft Point Gifting at the Last Possible Holiday Shopping Moment

Good news procrastinators and slackasses! Have you still not bought The Orange Box or another appropriately awesome game for your best bud with an Xbox 360? No worries, just give them a shitload of Microsoft Points from the comfort of your lonely computer chair. As of yesterday, you can gift points from the Microsoft… » 12/24/07 1:00pm 12/24/07 1:00pm