32 Microsoft Retail Stores Will Invade America for the Holidays

When Microsoft starts selling its Windows 8 Surface tablets next month, it'll be at a major retail disadvantage to Apple. Unlike its arch-nemesis, Microsoft doesn't have 275 branded stores for consumers to line up outside of in anticipation of new products. Microsoft is hoping to tip the scales at least a little bit … »9/10/12 1:21pm9/10/12 1:21pm

Microsoft Online Store Lets You Download Windows and Office

Microsoft is just now launching a real online store? Yep. It's still definitely a 1.0 experience—not a bad start, just very basic. You can buy meatspace goods like hardware, software discs and Xbox 360 games, but the kicker is that you can directly download software now, even Windows and Office. It seems wrong that… »11/14/08 10:45am11/14/08 10:45am