Microsoft Surface Tablets: Worth the Wait (Updating Live)

We're at Microsoft's mystery "event" in Los Angeles today, where if the rumors are true it will announce its own tablet in short order. But will it be the next Xbox, or the next Zune? We'll soon see. Stay tuned. » 6/18/12 6:26pm 6/18/12 6:26pm

9 Things a Microsoft Tablet Needs to Succeed

Today, Microsoft will—reportedly, hopefully—finally unleash its tablet on the world. But other than that it might possibly exist, not much is known about Redmond's iPad and/or Kindle Fire fighter. Since we don't know what it is, let's talk about what it should be. » 6/18/12 2:20pm 6/18/12 2:20pm

Will Microsoft's Major Announcement Be a Xbox Surface Tablet?

Microsoft is announcing something today and no one has any idea what it will be. Barnes and Noble officially said that they have nothing to do with whatever is happening today so the rumor mound is eagerly hopping to the next rumor: a Xbox Surface tablet. It's a 7-inch tablet that's probably going to play nice with an… » 6/18/12 1:42pm 6/18/12 1:42pm

Barnes and Noble Will Not Be Part of Today's Microsoft Announcement

Yesterday rumors emerged that Microsoft's anticipated tablet would be one developed in conjunction with Barnes and Noble. However Dow Jones reported that Barnes and Noble will not be part of today's event and then the Bookseller confirmed the news to Business Insider. Any new Microsoft product announced today will be… » 6/18/12 10:37am 6/18/12 10:37am

Will the Rumored Microsoft Tablet Feature Xbox Streaming?

Microsoft has something big planned for tomorrow, but it won't say what. All signs point to a Microsoft-branded Windows 8 tablet. Now, TechCrunch claims it will be co-branded as a Nook device will feature some of the Xbox's streaming features. » 6/17/12 8:00pm 6/17/12 8:00pm

Why Microsoft Needs To Build Its Own Tablet

Let's assume, just for fun, that Microsoft really is going to announce its own tablet on Monday. There are only two questions we should be asking ourselves: would it be a good idea? Or would it be the best idea? » 6/15/12 10:31am 6/15/12 10:31am

HP's Windows 7 Slate Device Revealed by Steve Ballmer

It's not Courier, but HP's rumored slate PC is here, now. Steve Ballmer and his hardware specialist Ryan Asdourian just showed it off, and man is it cute. Updated with VIDEO » 1/06/10 10:40pm 1/06/10 10:40pm

Rumor: Steve Ballmer to Unveil HP's E-Reading, Multitouch Tablet…

According to NYT Bits, Microsoft big boss Steve Ballmer will unveil a brand-spanking-new tablet PC developed in conjunction with HP at tomorrow's CES keynote address. And, like some other fabled tablets, it's said to have both multitouch and e-Reader capabilities. » 1/05/10 9:57pm 1/05/10 9:57pm

Microsoft Getting Cleverer and Cleverer With New Multitouch Screen…

Oh, those smart rascals at Microsoft are on a roll. I love their Courier tablet concept, and now they may have found the way to make on-screen multitouch keyboards actually work great—even for touch typists like me. » 9/25/09 8:30pm 9/25/09 8:30pm

Microsoft Surface Tablet Along With Turtle and Pure Pink Phones Cooking…

Oh hello Microsoft Tablet, Turtle, Pure phones! Rumors about Microsoft's Pink phones are back, along with talk of a shrunken Surface...tablet. Numerous sources are reporting that Microsoft is working independently on the tablet and the phone. » 9/21/09 11:00am 9/21/09 11:00am