The First Bill Gates + Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ad Makes No Sense

Besides the slick and probably expensive editing designed to make Jerry Seinfeld look like the more awkward of the pair, there's not a whole lot of special effects in this clip. In fact, there's not really a whole lot of anything, including laughs, information or pimping of Vista. It's kinda like Seinfeld's really… »9/04/08 8:43pm9/04/08 8:43pm


Nvidia Finalizes Vista Drivers, SLI Users Still Waiting

Good news for (most) of you GeForce 8800 owners out there running Vista. Nvidia has finalized its Vista drivers so you won't be stuck with beta drivers any more. Now the bad news. All you SLI folks, well, you're still gonna have to wait since full SLI support is expected to come via another driver. Not sure how this… »2/20/07 7:18pm2/20/07 7:18pm

Pissed Off Gamers Ready to Sue Nvidia Over Crap Vista Drivers

Last time we checked in on Nvidia, they had yet to release final (i.e. not beta) Vista drivers for their GeForce 8000 series cards. Well, it seems like the Vista gaming community is mad and tired of waiting. They've launched a website threatening to file a class action lawsuit against Nvidia if they don't get a… »2/07/07 2:38pm2/07/07 2:38pm

Gates Lashes Out at Apple's Mac vs. PC Ads and Speaks of Life After Vista

Now that the wow has officially started, Bill Gates managed to take some time out and sit down with with Newsweek's Steven Levy to talk about what we can expect from Microsoft's next operating system and what he thinks of those Mac vs PC ads. So what did Gates have to say about Apple.... »2/02/07 10:58am2/02/07 10:58am

Gates on the next version…

Vista and OS X, Living Together in Harmony on a MacBook

Reader Justin was inspired by all that talk of Vista running on a MacBook Pro with a Core 2 Duo processor, so he decided to try it on his MacBook with a Core Duo processor using Parallels. It turns out he's had great results: »2/01/07 11:26am2/01/07 11:26am

Vista and OS X fan boys, lay down your arms. Now you can have the best of both worlds, even…

Niveus' Media Center Monoliths Bring HD DVD and CableCard Support to Your Living Room

Not for the faint of heart, Niveus' new Media Centers are the Rolls Royce of HTPCs. The Vista-based machines bring HDMI output to your PC along with the a next gen HD DVD drive that allows the system to deliver 1080p playback. PVR-wise, the machine will be one of the first PCs to support CableCARDs from your cable… »1/31/07 10:44am1/31/07 10:44am

Freezing Our Eyeballs Off At The Windows Vista Launch

It's 26 degrees outside.The line for the Windows Vista launch event at the Nokia Theatre in NYC goes from the corner of 44th street all the way down and around the block to 45th street. On any other day, this spot would be filled with screaming TRL fans (the show is filmed two flights up at MTV). Today, it's too cold… »1/29/07 4:29pm1/29/07 4:29pm