Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) Looking Good So Far, Due in Q1 '08

The first service pack for Windows Vista is on its way, and PC Magazine has a preview of an early private beta version. The good news is that reviewer Neil Randall found the service pack to be faster overall than the shipping version of Windows Vista, and also noticed more drivers available and improved encryption.… »10/08/07 12:05pm10/08/07 12:05pm


Because of Microsoft Vista Lameness, Windows XP to Stay On Sale for Five Extra Months

Poor Microsoft Windows Vista. So many people think it sucks that Microsoft has extended the life of the ancient but stalwart Windows XP, originally scheduled to stop shipping in January 2008. Now the company will extend XP's sales life until the end of June 2008, and will keep those boxes of software flowing to… »9/28/07 12:14pm9/28/07 12:14pm

Microsoft Vista Hacked, Brute Force Keygen Opens Pandora's Box

Finding the secret keys to the kingdom has become an international sport, and now we're hearing that the mighty product activation for Microsoft Windows Vista has already been compromised. Using a brute force technique of checking 20,000 possibilities an hour, it might take a few days to find a valid product key, but… »3/02/07 9:52am3/02/07 9:52am

Vista on the Mac: Only Legal With Enterprise or Ultimate Editions

Just when we were starting to be impressed with the ability to run Microsoft Vista on the Mac, the plot thickens: If you want to legally run Vista on Parallels Desktop for the Mac, you're going to have to pony up for either the Enterprise or Ultimate Edition. Essentially, it's a money issue, where Microsoft's Home… »2/01/07 1:45pm2/01/07 1:45pm

CNet Checks Out Windows Vista: Stable, but No OS X Killer

The folks at CNET have given Windows Vista Ultimate a thorough testing. Their verdict? Buy it if it's already installed on a new PC, but skip it if you're merely upgrading. Though they found MS' new OS very stable, they felt there weren't enough new features in it to merit an upgrade. Also, chances are if you do… »1/24/07 7:18pm1/24/07 7:18pm

Vista to Support HD CableCard PCs, But Not OCUR Upgrades

Info trickles out about the capabilities of Media Center Edition on Windows Vista, and Matt Goyer, Microsoft's blogger for the company's eHome division, offered both good news and bad news in his post from last Friday, July 28. »8/01/06 11:15am8/01/06 11:15am

Sounds like Windows Vista upgraders who want to view HD cable TV on their PCs might fuel…

Samsung 4GB Flash Disk: Windows Vista Performance Booster

Samsung is beginning production of a special 4GB solid-state disk (SSD) it says will dramatically speed up notebooks and PCs when using Microsoft Windows Vista. Using a Vista feature called Windows ReadyBoost, Samsung says this little flash disk will eliminate hundreds of exasperating multi-second delays when working… »7/26/06 10:39am7/26/06 10:39am