Were PC Gamers Too Good For Microsoft's Cross-Platform Gaming Project?

Rahul Sood, Voodoo PC founder and current CTO of gaming at HP, spins an interesting yarn about an aborted Microsoft project that would've let PC and Xbox gamers face-off. The only problem? During testing, the PC gamers cleaned Xboxers' clocks. » 7/21/10 6:28pm 7/21/10 6:28pm

Ballmer on Xbox: We May Have More Form Factors, Price Points and…

While he was talking about cloud computing yesterday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a casual remark about the future of the Xbox. Apparently there might be new form factors, options, and price points coming: » 3/05/10 10:55pm 3/05/10 10:55pm

Microsoft Skimps on Shipping Boxes For Owners of RRoD-ed Xboxes?

It's bad enough going through the hassle of shipping your Xbox 360 off to customer support, but now Microsoft won't even give you the box to ship it in. Updated. » 3/04/09 3:14am 3/04/09 3:14am

Mexican Police Giving Free PCs, Xboxes to Anyone Who Hands in Illegal…

It sounds pretty simple. Hand in your illegal gat, get a free Xbox. That's what the cops in Mexico are hoping will happen. Their plan is to slow down drug wars by giving out a free computer (around $769 worth) to anyone who hands in a high-caliber weapon like a machine gun. Hand in a smaller gun and you'll get an… » 3/28/07 1:35pm 3/28/07 1:35pm