I Would Buy This USB 3.0 Thumb Drive in a Second...If Only I Had a USB…

USB thumb drives that are bigger than my hard drive circa 2001 are great. Waiting 5, 10, 15 minutes for the files to move to that USB 2.0 drive isn't so great. Now that USB 3.0 is becoming a common thing in laptops and devices, we can finally get faster flash drives as well. » 1/17/12 12:00pm 1/17/12 12:00pm

128GB Sony Micro Vault Selling in China?

A tipster just sent us compelling evidence of giant 64GB and ridiculously huge 128GB Sony-branded USB drives circulating in China. When he first spotted them at a market in Zu Hai, near Macau, he thought it was a misprint, but then he discovered that his own father had a 64GB card. Lest you think he was still foolin'… » 12/27/07 10:43am 12/27/07 10:43am

Sony Selling Sin with Memory Sticks

In the days when portable flash memory is becoming quickly commoditized, companies like Sony are obviously trying new tricks to differentiate their product. Because now Sony will begin shipping a poker game along with their Memory Stick Micro and MicroVault Midi USB keys in marked packs. The game, Midnight Hold'Em… » 10/23/07 9:54am 10/23/07 9:54am

James Bond's USB Thumb Drive: Kills Men, Stores Data

When James Bond isn't too busy killing Russians, blowing things up and banging 10s, he's bringing his valuable data with him wherever he goes. Word is he uses this special edition Micro Vault James Bond USB drive from Sony. The drive comes pre-loaded with the trailer for Casino Royale as well as four high def… » 11/06/06 3:10pm 11/06/06 3:10pm

Sony Ups Micro Vault Series to 8 GB

Sony has announced their latest USB flash drive, the Sony Microvault Midi. With the addition of the Midi (which has nothing to do with awesome MIDI music) Sony has increased the storage capacity up to 8 GB. Also included is the Expander2 compression software supposedly capable of storing up to three times more data.… » 10/30/06 1:51pm 10/30/06 1:51pm