TuneWiki Turns Mobile Internet Devices Into Zune-Wannabes

First, Intel decided to go with Linux for its MIDs »10/21/08 1:30am10/21/08 1:30am, and now it's giving the bird to Microsoft again by revealing a contender to the Zune's social music aspect. TuneWiki, a “social media player” software based on Intel's Atom processor integrates music and video with synchronized lyrics and a social network. Besides…

Question of the Day: Would You Ever Consider Using a Palmtop MID?

At the Intel Developer Forum »8/25/08 6:40pm8/25/08 6:40pm last week, a lot of the buzz on the demo floor was around new Atom hardware. There were the requisite netbooks and EeeClones floating around, but it seemed like peculiar little quasi-computers, or palmtop Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) stole the show. Sure, it's impressive to see a full,…

Nvidia Tegra Videos Show Quake III at 35fps, 3D UI Running Like Butter

Nvidia talks a big game about how awesome its mobile Tegra processors are, but paper muscles tear when wet. They've got some videos showing that there is at least some meat behind the pulp. Above the fold is Quake III running at 35fps with anti-aliasing turned on, while below is HD video output at 720p via HDMI out,… »6/03/08 9:00pm6/03/08 9:00pm