Cyclone Chapala Ravages Yemeni Coast, Residents Unlikely to See Meaningful Help

Cyclone Chapala made a historic landfall along the coast of Yemen early on Tuesday, becoming the first hurricane-strength storm to make landfall there since reliable records began. The cyclone came ashore near Al Mukalla, an Al Qaeda-controlled city that’s home to more than 100,000 people. »11/03/15 6:40pm11/03/15 6:40pm

The Middle East Could Become Too Hot For Human Life Within the Next Century

The authors of stunning new study on climate change in the Middle East start off with a very symmetrical observation: The region that gives the world so much of its fuel could be made dangerously hot by the emissions created by that fuel–unless we as a planet decide to mitigate our CO2 emissions. »10/26/15 8:00pm10/26/15 8:00pm

3 Ways That California Needs to Learn From Saudi Arabia Before It's Too Late

It’s the drought but it’s not just the drought: California is currently facing unprecedented environmental challenges. It might not seem like they have a lot in common, but Saudi Arabia can teach California how to deal with its current water, energy, and transportation crises. Because, in a way, looking at Saudi… »9/15/15 7:50pm9/15/15 7:50pm

Qatar is so fantastically shiny that it looks like a 3D render

Time bender Michael Shainblum works his time lapse magic on a place where I would totally believe magic still exists: Doha, Qatar. He shows the bustling new city of skyscrapers and constant construction next to the old world and its ancient culture. Just going around the city will feel like time traveling. »4/16/14 9:18pm4/16/14 9:18pm

Hacker Rips Off $12,000 in Calls Using Homeland "Security" Phone System

Knowing that the government can keep us safe against evil dildos and penis pumpers »8/22/08 5:10pm8/22/08 5:10pm, I don't really give much importance to the fact that a guy got into the U.S. Homeland Security Department phone system to make more than 400 calls to his buddies in friendly countries like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.…