Sunshades Bloom to Protect These Towers from the Brutal Desert Sun

When the sun comes up, the flowers come out. Inspired by the design of Arabic windows known as mashrabiya, these 45-foot wide, flower-shaped sunshades "blossom" in minutes to cover the facades of these twin towers designed for two (anonymous!) Middle Eastern media companies. » 4/17/14 4:20pm Thursday 4:20pm

Qatar is so fantastically shiny that it looks like a 3D render

Time bender Michael Shainblum works his time lapse magic on a place where I would totally believe magic still exists: Doha, Qatar. He shows the bustling new city of skyscrapers and constant construction next to the old world and its ancient culture. Just going around the city will feel like time traveling. » 4/16/14 9:18pm Wednesday 9:18pm

Is Kuwait the Next In Line to Ban BlackBerry Services in the Middle…

Unlike Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Kuwait does not yet have a ban or looming ban in place for BlackBerry smartphones and associated services. But it could, as Kuwaiti officials have today expressed "moral and security" concerns about the devices. » 8/08/10 11:30am 8/08/10 11:30am

Hacker Rips Off $12,000 in Calls Using Homeland "Security" Phone System

Knowing that the government can keep us safe against evil dildos and penis pumpers » 8/22/08 5:10pm 8/22/08 5:10pm, I don't really give much importance to the fact that a guy got into the U.S. Homeland Security Department phone system to make more than 400 calls to his buddies in friendly countries like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.…

Five Undersea Cables Cut So Far

In this strange maritime epidemic, the number of undersea cables cut in incidents around the Middle East and South Asia now totals five, including Sea-Me-We 4 (in two places) and cables run by Flag Telecom located at Alexandria, the Dubai coast, and Bandar Abbas in Iran. (Insert not-so-funny-anymore Dick Cheney terror… » 2/06/08 11:04am 2/06/08 11:04am

How To Fix a Mysteriously Ruptured Undersea Cable

Not a week after two massive undersea telecom cables were snapped—according to BBC News, most likely due not to Godzilla but a single tanker "dragging its anchor along the sea bed"—and the repairs are well underway. But how in the hell do you repair a nine-layer steel-reinforced cable located deep beneath the surface of… » 2/06/08 10:10am 2/06/08 10:10am

Undersea Telecom Cables Mysteriously Cut, Digitally Stranding India…

One of today's biggest stories is the fact that India and the Middle East had about 75% of their digital connection to Europe cut off when two cables on the floor of the Mediterranean snapped under mysterious circumstances. Cables get damaged all the time, but never have two gone out simultaneously. It will take days,… » 1/31/08 10:57am 1/31/08 10:57am