Ballmer: It's Okay to Wait for Windows 7, Which "Will Be Vista, But a Lot Better"

Say what you want about Steve Ballmer, but whenever he opens his mouth, good stuff comes out. Like that Microsoft is sorta kinda at peace with people skipping Vista »10/16/08 3:50pm10/16/08 3:50pm for Windows 7: “If people want to wait they really can... but I’d definitely deploy Vista.” He was talking about the enterprise space in this horrible…


Will Microsoft's Midori Project Be a Web-Delivered Windows Replacement?

That's what SD Times »7/30/08 10:30am7/30/08 10:30am is claiming, based on "internal Microsoft documents" that give more details on the skunk-works research project currently . The docs supposedly hint at a fleshed out platform for distributed concurrency-which entails moving what used to be core desktop OS functionality into the cloud for a…

Microsoft Midori Is a Secret Post-Windows Operating System

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 might just be the salve to soothe Windows Vista ouchies, but what Windows fans really want is something that hasn't yet been announced. Mary-Jo of All About Microsoft says that internally, there's a project called Singularity that's designed to solve all kinds of shortcomings in current… »7/01/08 3:00pm7/01/08 3:00pm