AT&T MiFi Liberate: The Best Mobile Hotspot I've Ever Used

If you can afford one, hotshot, an AT&T LTE MiFi will change your life a little bit: you have Internet virtually everywhere you go, a wireless high-speed network in your bag. » 12/03/12 4:20pm 12/03/12 4:20pm

AT&T Shoved a Touchscreen in Its Latest LTE MiFi Hotspot Because, Hey,…

Wanna know the quickest way to make any mobile product more tantalizing? Give it a touchscreen! And that's exactly what AT&T and Novatel did with the 4G LTE MiFi Liberate, packing the finger-friendly tech into a form factor that looks like a Magic Trackpad. » 9/27/12 10:06am 9/27/12 10:06am