New, Even Smaller Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Whispers New iMacs to Us

Why care about a new Apple Bluetooth keyboard showing up at the FCC? Besides the fact it's even more midget-sized than before, combined with rumors about a multitouch Mightier Mouse and fancy iMacs, it suggests a whole new kit's coming. » 10/02/09 12:46pm 10/02/09 12:46pm

Danger Mouse Now in Black, Still Better than Mighty Mouse

Remember how much that damn Mighty Mouse sucks feet? MacMice have released a Mighty Mouse competitor that will indeed match your Apple computer, work better and even be cheaper than the POS Mighty Mouse. The Danger Mouse has been available for a couple weeks in white, but it just recently got announced in black, so yes … » 9/01/06 1:04pm 9/01/06 1:04pm

The Mouse BT II: Like a Mighty Mouse, But Less Sucky

MacMice has announced The Mouse BT II, set to ship August 9. The company tried to improve upon Apple's pathetic Bluetooth Mighty Mouse, whose scrolling device is smaller than a nipple on a Chihuahua, with its MicroScroll wheel. Come to think of it, improving upon the Mighty Mouse's miniature trackball was an easy thing … » 8/04/06 8:52am 8/04/06 8:52am

Bluetooth Mighty Mouse: Unboxing, Review

So, earlier this week Apple released the updated Bluetooth Mighty Mouse and Nick Starr was one of the first guys to document the unboxing. Gizmodo has kind of declared itself as unofficial Mighty Mouse haters, but unboxing pr0n is always fun to see, even if it is crap. » 7/27/06 2:31pm 7/27/06 2:31pm

Nick sounds like a bit of a frugal Apple…

Mighty Mouse Getting A Bluetooth Upgrade Soon

Ah, the Mighty Mouse. While some of us here at Giz think it sucks, others swear by it. Well, good news for the latter, because the Mighty Mouse is about to get a Bluetooth wireless upgrade. Documents on the FCC site show that the mouse is going to look like the old version, except for the bottom that you remove to… » 7/24/06 8:18pm 7/24/06 8:18pm