BlackBerry Burst: RIM's Co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie Step Down

RIM's co-CEOs, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie—aka the keyboard-loving odd couple—are finally realizing they're running BlackBerry into the ground and jumping ship before it's too late. That is, Lazaridis and Balsillie are stepping down at RIM. Done. Gone. Bye bye. The new CEO of RIM will be former COO Thorsten… » 1/22/12 9:41pm 1/22/12 9:41pm

BlackBerry Boss Angrily Storms Out of a BBC Interview

RIM's Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis is on a roll with expressing his feelings of anger/hurt/outrage, as shown in a NYT interview yesterday and now a cut-short video with the BBC, which dared to ask about the "security problem" of the last year which saw BlackBerry services temporarily terminated in the Middle East and India. » 4/13/11 11:55am 4/13/11 11:55am

BlackBerry Boss Has a Meltdown as He Asks Why People Aren't Nice About Them

RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis moaned to the NYT: "Why is it that people don't appreciate our profits? Why is it that people don't appreciate our growth? Why is it that people don't appreciate the fact that we spent the last four years going global? Why is it that people don't appreciate that we have 500 carriers in 170… » 4/12/11 3:20am 4/12/11 3:20am