Every Inch of This Building's Facade Will Grow Crops You Can Eat

We've gotten a peek at some of the other structures being built for the food-themed Milan Expo 2015, from a smog-gobbling facade for Italy to a veggie-growing restaurant for France. Now here's the American pavilion, which is inspired by three signature food-related structures for the U.S.: A barn, a boardwalk, and—of… »8/01/14 1:24pm8/01/14 1:24pm

11 of the Coolest Products From the Busiest Week in Design

Every April around this time, Milan welcomes creative types from all across the globe for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile—pretty much the wildest week in the design world. Though the past few years have seen efforts to curb the rampant bacchanal of new production for new production's sake, there's still a hell of… »4/14/14 9:00am4/14/14 9:00am

Tokujin Yoshioka's aptly named Agravic table sticks a marble slab between two perfectly placed prism

Tokujin Yoshioka's aptly named Agravic table sticks a marble slab between two perfectly placed prisms that balance the weight with crazy-precise accuracy. The Japanese designer calls it the "table of the universe" thanks to its apparent ability to eff around with gravity. It's awe-inspiring—and definitely not built to… »4/10/14 2:18pm4/10/14 2:18pm

10 Inspiring Objects from Salone del Mobile, the Center of the Design Universe

Salone del Mobile limped to a close last week, with tons of shade being thrown at exhibitors by big-name critics who say it's "changed." Yep, the glitziest, most-hyped design week of the year—informally nicknamed Salone del Marketing—has definitely changed. Chalk it up to the protracted recession most of Europe is… »4/15/13 4:07pm4/15/13 4:07pm

Fujitsu Gets Into the Wooden Laptop Business for Milan Furniture Show

This rather worthy-looking laptop is Fujitsu's WoodShell. Made with cedar wood, it's part of the Japan Design Innovation 2008 exhibit at the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile in Milan, an event for furniture strokers everywhere. There's a picture of the WoodShell with its lid down below, and you've got to love… »4/11/08 4:09am4/11/08 4:09am