How the Air Force Stops Social Media from Spilling Military Secrets

Social media is a godsend of a tool for military families because it lets them communicate from thousands of miles away. But it can also be totally damaging to Operational Security (OPSEC), if a photo posted or a status reveals covert location data, which is the type of mistake that's happened in the past. So the Air… »7/17/12 12:00pm7/17/12 12:00pm


US Military Wasted Millions on Fake Hardware, Sparking Cyber-Terrorism Fears

The U.S. Military has spent millions of dollars on counterfeit computer components over the years, according to an FBI report. This not only screws over businesses, but it also makes it easier for cyber-terrorists to hack into our systems by putting trojans and viruses in fake circuitry. An anti-counterfeit initiative… »5/10/08 3:00pm5/10/08 3:00pm