Pouring creamer into coffee in slow motion looks intergalactic

The beautiful Milky Way is above us and around us but is also actually in our coffee cups too. What? Just watch Modernist Cuisine pour creamer into coffee in super slow motion, it's like watching another galaxy form or something. Life should have a slow motion mode so we can appreciate the little things. » 12/04/13 8:25pm 12/04/13 8:25pm

Dive Right Into the Largest Ever Image of Our Galaxy's Centre

You are looking at more than 84 million stars, the largest ever catalogue of the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Astronomers at the Paranal Observatory in Cerro Paranal, Chile, stitched the 9 gigapixels of the original image from thousands of individual infrared pictures.You can see the full, zoomable version here » 10/24/12 7:58am 10/24/12 7:58am

This Is the Newest Most Amazing Video From Space Ever

It never fails. Every month or so, the astronauts at the International Space Station capture Earth in the most amazing, astonishing, rock-your-socks-off way imaginable. Every time it's better than the previous one. This one is the current winner by far. » 1/19/12 8:35am 1/19/12 8:35am

Video of the World's First Realistic Simulation of the Creation of Our…

Astrophysicists from the University of Zurich working with UCSC's astronomers have created the world's first realistic simulation of the formation of the Milky Way. It's amazing that all this clockwork perfection came out of such a galactic Charlie Foxtrot. » 8/31/11 11:05am 8/31/11 11:05am