Americans, Have You Ever Considered That You Are the Abnormal Ones?

A recent survey from Pew Research found that 18-34 year-olds are living with their parents for much longer than any generation since the 1960s. 43% of men and 37% of women in this age group are living at home. Commentators on last night’s PBS News Hour called it “the new normal.” But it’s actually the same old normal.… »11/12/15 8:11pm11/12/15 8:11pm


You're a Dirty Gentrifying Tech Bro, and You Need to Be Spanked

Business is booming for Mistress Odette. The 26-year old was living in New York and working in a dungeon with a number of other dominatrixes, and eventually, like many New Yorkers do, she grew tired of the stresses that came with sharing space.She moved out to Austin, Texas four years ago to try and make it as an… »11/10/15 6:35pm11/10/15 6:35pm

Lewis Black Explains Why Millennials Want to Rub Their Fingers All Over Everything

Millennials are a large and powerful bunch, but they’re also very lazy: They’d rather swipe their sweaty hands on anything than lift an actual finger. That’s according to Lewis Black, who says brands are falling over themselves to attract their touchy-unfeely ways. Even he has sunk to a new low by joining Snapchat. »10/15/15 5:00pm10/15/15 5:00pm